P. Brad Parker with works in progress in his studio

P. Brad Parker with works in progress in his studio

Welcome to the web presence of The Parker Studio of Structural Sculpture, a Baltimore-based fine art studio and atelier directed by P. Brad Parker.

Parker has devoted his life to study of the esthetic principles and artistic methods that have informed classical sculpture since Greek antiquity. As a teacher, he seeks to share his unique understanding of those principles and methods through a rigorous program of training based on “learning by doing” as well as content theory. The Parker Studio offers instruction for students who desire an authentic and advanced knowledge of historic practices. It offers a more integrated, dimensional vision of nature and its complex forms than contemporary fine-art ateliers picking up where misguided latter-day academicians left off.

In his own sculptural work, Parker has found much inspiration in the more particularized portraiture as well as the figure sculpture of the Hellenistic period (ca. 330 BC-200 AD). This “realism,” as many would call it, gives his own work a decidedly modern feel. But in its tectonic and geometric rigor it stands a world apart from the modernistic naturalism and simplistic formal content pervasive in latter-day “traditional” or “classical realist” work.

Please explore this web site to learn more about Brad and what he has to offer both as a teacher and as a creator of portraits and religious and mythological compositions.